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Echandia is a cleantech company and an innovator specializing in marine propulsion technology. The company was founded in 2008 with the aim of revolutionizing the electric boat market. Echandia has spent years refining the latest submarine technology to develop an electric driveline; a cleaner and more environmentally-friendly way of powering boats. Echandia may also deliver suitable supercharing stations.

In co-operation with the city of Stockholm, Europe’s first Green Capital, Echandia has established the world’s first supercharged electric passenger ferry. The highly-efficient electric motors have lowered operational and maintenance costs by up to 60%, and reduced CO2 emissions by close to 85%. Local emissions such as NOX and PM have been cut by 95% compared with conventional fuels. The new ferry is cheaper to run as well as environmentally superior.

Echandia’s services can give the following benefits:

         Environment: Zero emissions. No gasoline and no noise pollution.

-           A vessel fitted with Echandia's electric propulsion system uses about half the fuel of a conventional system and is virtually noiseless.

-           Performance: A near-silent experience, lower running costs, improved maneuverability and flexibility of onboard arrangement. The superior performance of a vessel fitted with Echandia Marine's driveline systems makes it an investment with immediate returns.

-           Reduced maintenance costs.

Visions towards the future: The cost, scarcity and environmental impact of conventional fuels require immediate action. At the same time the marked demands fast and efficient waterborne transport solutions. With the BB GREEN ASV concept Echandia sees a wide range of applications and suitable routes. We will be happy to discuss your transport requirements and plans.

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