Carbon sandwich engineering

Weight is a critical issue for any high speed vessel. In line with a holistic approach to select best materials, systems and technical solutions, for optimum weight /strength/performance, BB GREEN will use infused carbon sandwich for hull, bulkheads, decks and superstructure. Core material: Divinycell. Resin: Vinylester. Partner Diab AS has prepared a full carbon construction package, including structural analysis, material- and construction specification for the BB GREEN ASV. Life time assessments of cost vs. benefits clearly support use of lightweight, yet strong carbon sandwich over conventional GRP or aluminum construction equivalents.

The resulting construction / structure is almost 40% lighter than comparable aluminum construction. Lighter weight = less resistance = less energy consumption = considerable economic and environmental savings – over the full operational life of the vessel.

In accessing the max design loads, vertical accelerations have been calculated at a design speed of 35 knots and with a significant wave height of 0,88 m.


Illustration: FEM investigation of a carbon composite panel for BB GREEN.