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Battery-powered Boats, providing Greening, Resistance reduction, Electric, Efficiency and Novelty

BB GREEN is a 44 Months collaborative R&D project, partly funded by the 7th Framework Program of the European Commission.


BB GREEN innovation is about:


   ♦    Reduce water resistance with innovative air support (patented).

   ♦    Developing Game Changing Waterborne transport.

   ♦    First ever, fast battery electric ferry with active Air Support.
   ♦    Zero emission with 21st Century efficiency and performance.
   ♦    Proving feasibility on route with full scale demonstrator.

   ♦    Main goal: Proving feasibility with full scale demonstrator.  

   ♦    Convincing the transport sector and decision makers alike.
   ♦    Implementing new Green transport across Europe and beyond.

   ♦    Making BB GREEN ferries available to the public within ASAP.


BB GREEN includes 8 organizations coordinated by SES Europe AS; and with a budget of 3,125 million Euros


Construction of our Demonstrator – a tender competition:
European yards and boat builders competed. The tender winner BJB (Latitude Yachts) has now successfully constructed the world's first air supported and battery powered fast commuter ferry demonstrator to the full satisfaction of the project. The yard is now ready to start commercial production. The new range BB GREEN ASV ferries will provide zero emission, fast and efficient waterborne transport; and contribute to a Greener waterborne transport in Europe and beyond.

Airiel Skuru medium res beskuren



 Photo: Krister Nilsson