World-wide exploitation:

Several of the technologies and solutions developed in BB GREEN have exploitation potential beyond the scope of the project. Each partner will be responsible for their respective technologies and spin offs from BB GREEN.

Air Supported Vessel technology: SSPEA-tank

The ASV hulls tank-tested at SSPA Sweden and offering game changing hull resistance can either be used "as tested" on diesel powered commuter ferries or in various diesel electric "hybrid" set ups.  Alternatively the ASV  hulls can be modified to match alternative applications and vessel sizes. The ASV Mono Soft Motion hull form (Innovation Norway project) – see pictures and videos from tank testing – is such an example. In general the ASVs offer enhanced efficiency, excellent performance and environmental benefits over current conventional solutions. Contact: SES Europe AS / Effect Ships International AS.

Introducing BB GREEN - end user support:

Aqualiner; with 2 strong shareholders Doeksen and Arriva (Deutsche Bahn), has a long track record as an expert company to advise cities, governments, ports and commercial companies about ferry operations.

BB GREEN has another enduser partner in Echandia/Green City Ferries. The company is located in Stockholm; but evaluates routes and operations also elsewhere; in Sweden and abroad.

Considering setting up a fast commuter ferry route? 

Or would you like to discuss renewal of existing vessel(s)? Please contact Aqualiner , Echandia and/or SES Europe for additional information on BB GREEN and use of ASV technology.

World-wide exploitation:

Several of the technologies and solutions developed in BB GREEN have exploitation potential beyond the scope of the project. Each partner will be responsible for their respective technologies and spin offs from BB GREEN.

Carbon sandwich engineering: 

Diab is prepared to assist you with optimum composite solutions and materials for almost any vessel project, commercial; naval or pleasure crafts. The BB GREEN prototype will show you how it can be done!

Batteries for demanding conditions:

Battery partner Emrol may select and provide most suitable battery technology and tailor-make batteries for most applications – small or large; for pure electric propulsion, diesel/electric hybrids or as standby power source.

Drivelines and battery electric system integration:

Echandia is a Swedish company specializing in design, development and integration of maritime electric and hybrid system solutions for the commercial as well as pleasure boat sectors.

Classification society services or safety assessments:

Lloyds Register has assisted BB GREEN and will be pleased to assist you with almost any maritime project.

Most suitable marine technology for your project?

SSPA is a world renowned maritime test center, offering a wide range of services; including tank testing and evaluation of novel hull forms. SSPA's skilled personnel can assist on conventional projects as well as validating innovative technologies and solutions – like it was done in BB GREEN.