Aqualiner is a public fast ferry service in Rotterdam (Netherlands) and cruises daily to 4 stops around the port of Rotterdam. It has been in operation in Rotterdam since 2008. Before this Aqualiner operated a fast ferry service since 1999 between Almere-Huizen, close to Amsterdam. Aqualiner is a sister company to Waterbus, together the largest waterborne passenger ferry network in the Netherlands.

Aqualiner & Waterbus in numbersAqualiner-max-sailing-40-kmh WEB3

  • $1•       Annually 1,5 million passengers
  • $1•     13 ferry’s with 11 fast catamarans
  • $1•      Ships capacity varying from 30 – 200 passengers (10-80 bicycles)
  • $1•      16 stops in the entire network, daily operation
  • $1•       Largest public transport water network in the Netherlands
  • $1•       50% forensic/scholar traffic, 50% recreational/touristic traffic
  • $1•       Bikes can go for free on board (around 1 million bicycles use the network)

Strong shareholders

Aqualiner is a company by two strong shareholders: Royal Doeksen (family owned, and has been in water transportation business since 1908) & Arriva Netherlands (several public transport networks with busses and trains in the Netherlands, company by Deutsche Bahn).



During the daily operation Aqualiner and Waterbus face two important challenges (besides providing a safe and fun way of travel of course):

          ♦    Sail fast (+40 km/h) and by that offer high frequency
                ♦    Doing so limit wave hinder and water resistance
          ♦    Rising fuel costs
                ♦    Sail fast = more power required = more fuel usage (on existing designs!)

That is why Aqualiner is a strong believer in the BB GREEN concept. It does not only limit wave hinder so an operator can offer more departures within an hour, but also reduce fuel usage. BB GREEN is therefore a durable innovation from an environmental and business point of view! Aqualiner is a partner in the BB GREEN project and the end user for the test vessel.