Leclanché is a historical Swiss Company created in 1909, based in Yverdon-Les-Bains.

We design, develop, manufacture and deliver turnkey customized energy storage solutions for homes, small offices, large industries, electricity grids, as well as hybridization for mass transport systems such as bus fleets and ferries.

To meet the demanding needs, from bio-technology to utility industries, we offer vertically integrated battery systems built around multi-technology lithium-ion chemistry.

Integration of renewable energy, diesel fuel reduction, electricity grid-connected ancillary services, peak power shaving for heavy industries, as well as for heavy duty transportation in buses, trams, trains or maritime vessels are several applications for which Leclanché optimizes its turnkey BESS.

In addition, Leclanché offers a number of specialized battery systems through its Portable Business Unit, such as customer-specific energy storage systems for defense and medical applications. Leclanché also distributes primary and secondary batteries and accessories of other producers.