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Thor Dahls gt. 1a, 3210 Sandefjord, Norway

SES Europe AS (SE) is a Norwegian limited SME company located in Sandefjord, a small town famous for shipping activities and in particular whaling. SE is a 100% owned subsidiary of Effect Ships International AS (ESI) – , the owner of the Air Supported Vessel (ASV) technology. Since founded in 1998, SE has been active in international research and technology developments on Air Assisted hull forms, and in particular ASV solutions. Today SE and ESI are in the global forefront in designing and adapting ASV hull forms for a wide range of vessel sizes and applications; all with significantly enhanced efficiency. The ASV technology is patented “world-wide” and the global interest among owners and operators for improved efficiency and “greener vessels” encourage the small Norwegian ASV team to give “full steam ahead”.

SE has initiated and successfully completed several national and international R&D projects, Bilde1 WEBamong other as initiator and coordinator for EU 5th Framework project EFFISES, partner in EU project COMPASS, and currently as initiator and lead partner in EU 7th Framework project BB GREEN. In addition several projects supported by Innovation Norway, Norwegian Tax Fund and Norwegian Research Council can be added to the CV.ASV-65-Nov-2010-9SC 0650 WEB

The documented excellent results with the ASV hulls have been achieved with considerable support and assistance from a long list of leading international maritime players from among other the research and university sector, from leading system providers as well as international end users.

As an example more than 1.500 fully instrumented towing tank runs with approx. 15 different ASV hull forms have been completed at SSPA Sweden in Gothenburg. In addition several large manned models and full scale tests vessels have been completed; while others are in construction. The first commercial ASV’s are currently under construction. Encouraged by the excellent research results the company is planning to extend their innovation and documentation activities to include new ASV technology developed for large vessels and ships, including bulkers and tankers.

To base developments on evolution of conventional hulls is safe and risk free; but the development potential is modest. SE uses a quite different approach.

From day one SE had a vision: To achieve proper “development steps” – i.e. to improve State of the Art efficiency –say by 30 % - the only way to go is introducing unconventional solutions and approaches; and combining State of the Art sub systems.

BB GREEN is an example of such a forward thinking vision – the world’s first air supported battery electric ferry capable of 30 knots!

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