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P.O. Box 24001, SE-400 22 Göteborg, Sweden

SSPA Sweden AB is an independent, limited company owned by the Foundation Chalmers University of Technology and has a staff of about 100 people. SSPA was founded in 1940 and has a turnover of about 13 MEUR per year. SSPA provides high-tech consulting services and research within ship technology, maritime operations and waterborne as well as intermodal transport systems. Since its formation, SSPA has played a major role in marine industrial development. The major part of this work has been concentrated on ship design. SSPA has tested more than 7000 ship hull forms over the years, including both merchant and naval vessels. Today SSPA is an international consulting company, operating worldwide within all principal fields of maritime engineering and related sciences. 

Research at SSPA is focused on maritime transport from a holistic perspective. Efficiency, environmental impact and safety with respect to vehicle design, ports and waterways, and maritime operations are key areas for in-depth research. SSPA has long term expertise in areas such as optimum ship hull and propulsion design and mathematical modeling of vehicle motions in waves and confined waters. SSPA has been engaged in more than 75 different projects and networks within the EU 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Framework Programs as well as other programs. 

SSPA runs three scale model test facilities (towing tank, cavitation tunnel and seakeeping and maneuvering basin) and a simulator laboratory.

In all research projects SSPA are cooperating with partners in different network constellation from Europe, the Nordic Countries and from Sweden. Important components in the work are that all stakeholders (industry, authorities, research institutes and interest groups) are involved in the development work. 

The legend for SSPA is to provide customers with efficient maritime solutions, which means effective transportations, low fuel consumption, clean and living coastal zones. SSPA supplies attractive solutions for the customers, not only today but also tomorrow and SSPA creates profit for the customers though sustainable, innovative and world leading maritime solutions. Success is the result of balanced optimisation and knowing the customers goals and priorities. With the use of tools, collective competence, integrity and the trust of customers SSPA will create customer value. SSPA solutions make the clients’ business sustainable and more adapted to environmental demands.