Market opportunities?

Based upon a market assessment study; the project identified a large number of current and potential routes throughout Europe. Similar market opportunities exist across the world as increasingly more people are moving towards urban centres along the waterfront. The first BB GREEN operations are targeting sheltered waterways and relatively short routes (5 – 14 NM) or (9 - 26 km); but ASV hull forms designed for more demanding sea states already exist. BB GREEN is a 21st century solution. With a design speed of 30 knots or 56 km/h the new concept will be highly competitive.

With ASV technology Zero emission fast ferries are possible today

The BB GREEN 30 knots fast commuter ferry demonstrator with a capacity of at least 70 Pax and 20 +bicycles. The recipe is combining new and advanced technologies, materials and systems. Unlike land-based infrastructure BB GREEN type of waterborne transport can rapidly, cost efficiently and environmental friendly be introduced to reduce traffic congestion with considerable environmental benefits.

The main concept idea

BB GREEN is starting with the vessel's hull. New, patented Air Supported Vessel (ASV) technology can reduce hull water resistance with a staggering 40%. Approx. 80% of the vessel's weight will be supported on a cushion of air, courtesy of an electric lift fan system and the unique ASV hull form. Tank testing has documented quite remarkable efficiency gains throughout the complete speed range. The vessel will be constructed from carbon sandwich, - light, strong and suited for efficient series production. Instead of diesel motors, the vessel will have electric drivelines. Power will be sourced from an Leclanché designed Lithium Ion Titianate battery bank. The new battery module is light-weight; yet highly capable. Efficient contra rotating pod propulsion will contribute to excellent performance, manoeuvrability and on-board safety. According to plan, energy for recharging the batteries will come from sustainable energy sources (wind, hydro, tidal power etc). In initial set up the BB GREEN vessels will have a range of up to 14 NM at high speed: more at slow speed. Rapid recharging of the batteries - in less than 30 minutes - will make new ferry concept very competitive on a number of routes.

Proof of the pudding is in the eating –

the project is building a full scale demonstrator! 

A full scale; 20 x 6 m ASV demonstrator is now in the water, and ready for extensive tests and demonstrations. The BB GREEN team will document performance and capabilities under typical operational conditions. Among other Dutch, Norwegian and Swedish transport authorities and local communities have expressed considerable interest in the new concept. The vessel will serve as a concept feasibility demonstrator and dissemination tool; to generate business and assist market introduction. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the project for more information and demonstrations.