Proving BB GREEN in full scale is the project's ultimate goal:
Most innovations involve risk. Even if convincing documentation points in favour of changing to a new solution; most end users are reluctant to be "the first one out". Owners and operators would like to "feel the concept", to see the performance and behaviour "fist hand", "on route" and under realistic operational conditions. The full scale BB GREEN prototype will make such testing possible!

The construction yard decided through a tender process:
BJB (Latitude Yachts), located in Riga, Latvia was the winner of the tender process; and has constructed the BB GREEN carbon composite demonstrator.

Any questions and enquiries about the BB GREEN ASV’s ?
Please contact SES Europe AS, technical manager: Tor Livgard, phone + 47 47 24 96 95 or  e-mail:

Design and arrangement of the BB GREEN test vessel:

The ASV hull form has been designed by SES Europe AS, with optimization of hull lines following tank testing at SSPA Sweden. Superstructure design and general arrangement: Studio Sculli – Mauro Sculli and the project. A quite contemporary and "Stealthy" contemporary look was selected for the prototype.


However, the ASV hull may be combined with almost any topside or superstructure design.


Illustration: Alternative BB GREEN type of ASV 20 m – passenger only design by Studio Sculli.

Tests, optimization and concept demonstrations:
Full scale dissemination and demonstrations will start summer 2016. Testing and demonstrations will take place in Latvia, Sweden, Norway and the. Other locations will follow.

Test results and dissemination venues with the BB GREEN demonstrator will be published on the BB GREEN website and on various internet sites.