Selecting the most suitable BB GREEN hull form:

BB GREEN has carried out extensive tank testing at SSPA SWEDEN's facilities in Gothenburg with ASV cat and mono versions. Test results have then been benchmarked against State of the Art (SOA) conventional "wet" hulls. As the comparison graph on hull resistance is showing (see Results); thinking outside the box makes sense! The ASV Mono efficiency is quite unique. The patented technology is owned by Effect Ships International AS).

Where to start? Selecting – vessel size and applications:

Market studies concluded the ideal start-up BB GREEN vessels will be:

     ♦    Efficient commuter ferries; approx. 20 m carrying 50 – 100 PAX and some bicycles.
     ♦    Operational speed: 20 – 30 knots + (depending on local conditions).
     ♦    Basic hull form: Sheltered coastal and inland waters and waterways.
     ♦    Modified hull form (ref. Innovation Norway tank tests): More demanding operations.
     ♦    Typical routes; commuting between city centers and suburbs /nearby communities.

     ♦    Range with current set up -14 NM between recharging. One or more stops.
     ♦    Hourly schedule possible with up to 14 NM routes.

A large number of existing and potential routes and route networks have been identified across Europe and beyond.

According to plan full scale testing will start in the Netherlands (Rotterdam area) or in Sweden (Stockholm). Aqualiner.  or Green City Ferries. . Awaiting the results from the testing; other BB GREEN vessel sizes and applications will be likely.

Design issues – what is nice and what is not!

BB GREEN is about proving feasibility of a new concept; about opening eyes for a new environmental friendly waterborne transport solution.
BB GREEN is a hull platform; where a wide range of individual design tastes can be applied to the superstructure design as well as lay-out of the general arrangement. BB GREEN superstructure variants can be anything from ultra- contemporary to more traditional. The freedom to choose remains with the owner/operator. For the prototype/test-vessel a modern Stealth design with large window areas has been chosen. Design: Studio Scully – Mauro Sculli.

Engineering the BB GREEN prototype:

It goes without saying that efficiency and operational weight are closely related. To keep weight down partner Diab AS has prepared a carbon sandwich construction; offering excellent strength and saving several tons over alternative construction methods/materials.

  •   For propulsion the vessel will use contra rotating pod propulsion; twin installation.
  •   The propulsion drivelines will be all electric.
  •   The lift fan system will be advanced composites; electric powering.
  •   The battery will be fast recharge Lithium Ion Titianate (nano tech).
  •   Battery capacity 400 kWh for commercial crafts, half size for prototype craft.