ASV Automation system

Effect Ships International AS (ESI), the owner to the ASV technology has developed a system handling and managing all the ASV related functions. This proprietary ASV Automation system can either be set in an automatic mode or the master can override various functions according to his/hers personal preference and experience.

Examples are the lift fan system flow rate and/or the function of the air cushion enclosure arrangement. The goal is to make life as simple, easy and stress free as possible and at the same time optimize vessel’s efficiency and onboard comfort. Operating a fast commuter ferry is a demanding job with a large responsibility towards the passengers, the crew and other seafarers. The ASV Automation system assists the handling and operation of the ASV BB GREEN ferry for improved operational efficiency and safety.
More info on the development of the ASV Automation system to follow.
Illustration: Image from a prototype unit of the ASV Automation system.