Battery technology

For the BB Green project, Leclanché provided a 200kWh Lithium Titanate turnkey battery energy storage system, which has been tailor made for the vessel. Due to its multistring and multipack configuration, full redundancy on system level can be guaranteed. Also, by having this configuration, it is possible to increase or decrease the installed capacity very easily. It is thus possible to implement the battery system in any marine application, and customize it to meet customer requirements.

By using LTO, fast charging is taken to the next level. The battery can be charged in less than 20 min to about 95% SOC, while keeping the ability to reach 15.000 full cycles. The battery is also connected to the cloud, where all its data is processed and stored. This way, the battery can be monitored closely to optimize its operation and cyclelife. Through this approach, we can really say this system is a turnkey, vertically integrated system solution.