Lift fan system

For an ASV the lift fan system is an important element. The dual inlet, single outlet centrifugal fan; located in the bow of the vessel, will be produced from advanced composite materials. The fan will supply a large volume of air (for BB GREEN up to 15 m3/s) at a pressure of up to 4,5 kPa (45 cm water column) to the hull integrated cavity underneath. During normal operation approx. 70 – 80 % of the total operational displacement of the BB GREEN vessel is supported on a cushion of pressurized air; reducing wetted surface areas and hull/water resistance to a minimum.

The pressurized air will in a sea state / in waves also contribute to reduced onboard motions and a more comfortable ride.

Dual inlet, single outlet centrifugal lift-fan system for the BB GREEN vessel. 


Below illustration shows lift fan system set up for investigations prior to tank testing. Tests include assessments of air volume flow and pressure during various operational scenarios; in a model scale and scaled to actual full size.

Illustration: ASV tank testing model at SSPA equipped for lift fan investigations. (Illustration: SSPA Sweden 2012).