Pod propulsion 

Several leading manufacturers of propulsion systems have developed pod propulsion. Volvo Penta is a world leader in high efficiency pod propulsors with contra rotating propellers. Their base IPS (intelligent propulsion system) units were originally developed for pleasure boats; but as they became very popular VP have also introduced units designed and strengthened or commercial applications.

BB GREEN plans to use contra rotating pod propulsion configured for an electric driveline. Such a conversion will face several challenges; included but not limited to steering and torque control / limitation. A main advantage with a twin pod propulsion set up is the ability to maneuver the vessel sideways with a joystick without use of a bow thruster. A Volvo Penta IPS system has already been installed and successfully tested in another ASV monohull. The below illustration shows the aft section of an ASV hull with Volvo Penta series 2 drives.

Illustration: Aft section of ASV hull fitted out with VP IPS series 2 forward facing contra rotating pods.